Making the move to XfE

When it comes to moving your school accounting system, we offer a comprehensive and hassle-free migration process, ensuring a smooth transition.

We understand the importance of uninterrupted financial operations. Our migration process is designed to minimise downtime, allowing your school to continue day-today tasks with minimal disruption. As always, we will ensure the implementation plan is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Process

Once you've booked your discovery call, we will agree a time that's convenient for you to show you a walkthrough of all the great things XfE can do. This is normally a couple of hours to allow a deep dive into your requirements.

After your demonstration, you will receive a personalised proposal breaking down the next steps.

5/6 weeks before

Project Kick Off Meeting

At this meeting we will check in to make sure you are ready to dive into the world of stress free accounting! At this meeting we will walk you through the project plan and outline key milestones for a successful transition, including adoption of Chart of Accounts and data requirements.

4 weeks before

We will check in to discuss the scheme of delegation and agree chart of accounts to import, ensuring that we can start to build your site.

3 weeks before

Your new system is being built alongside some reporting templates ready for you to hit the ground running when you are live.

2 weeks before

We will collate and review the data to be transferred to XfE for the migration to take place.

Going live

Time to make managing your finances easy

Now you are set up we will train you and the team on your new system.

Key functions we will cover initially include how to access and navigate the system, purchase orders, raising bills, making payments and bank reconciliation. A recording of the sessions will be provided to you.

Others keys milestones hit at this stage include:

  • Connecting your bank account for live bank feeds.

  • Enhancing reporting suites for your trust, coupled with training on how to maintain these yourself.

  • Q & A call shortly after you go live.

Migration pricing

Pricing for migration will be discussed after your demonstration as outlined in our process page and will be detailed in your personal proposal.

Pricing tailored for your needs

We like to understand your requirements before confirming costs, ensuring we maximise your return on investment.

Learn more about our team

Our team makes XfE what it is. From helping you with migration, to creating a seamless experience with our software, we are always available for support and are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many training sessions will my team have?

We believe in a "little but often" approach to training. We do not stipulate a set number of training sessions as standard; we will make sure you are happy with the system. This is your system, and we are here to make you feel as comfortable as you can be. It's the way a collaborative relationship should be!

How long does it take to set up?

This length of time will depend on the size of the trust. On average it takes 6 weeks from starting the project to going live.

Can I restrict viewing for certain members of staff?

Absolutely, this will be customisable and we can discuss access individuals, or groups, will require.

Can I generate reports myself?

You certainly can! You have access to this 24/7 and can generate reports at the click of a button.

Is the data updated automatically?

Yes, the data will be presented in real time, allowing fast decisions to be made instantly.

Is XfE DfE compliant?

We are proud to say we have direct links to the Department for Education website for AAR automation and are working with them on further automations.

What if I need any help, who do I contact?

We offer a help desk where you can submit your questions. The team will usually respond within an hour, during office hours.

Are you a good fit for the size of our Trust?

Yes, absolutely! Whether you're a maintained local authority school, Single Academy Trust or a Multi Academy Trust we will be able to support you on your journey.

Ready to make the switch to XfE?